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Price: P4,500 / liter

Is also an effective larvicide. The rate of application will depend on a number of factors including depth of the water, length of persistence required and species to be controlled. Most other mosquitoes larvicides require an increase in dose of up to 10 times when used in polluted or highly organic water. ‘Actellic’ 50EC needs to be applied only at 1.25 times the rate recommended for clean water.

Application Rate For Actellic 50EC Fogging/ULV Aerosol Spray

• Controls adult aedes Spp mosquitoes. • High intrinsic activity. • Effective against other mosquitoes strain. • Control malathion resistant mosquitoes. • Low environmental impact. • Easy to use. • Has both adulticidal and larvicidal properties.

Method Dilution Mixing rate/ application rate Diluent g a.i. per area
Thermal Fogging 1:25 200ml to 5 litres/5 litres mixture per hectare Diesel Kerosene 100g a.i./ha
ULV Aerosol Spray 1:19 200ml to 4 litres/4 litres per 0.5 hectare or 0.8 ml per m2 Diesel Kerosene Water 100g a.i./ha


• Controls larvae in both polluted and clean water. • Works very well in water with the presence of decaying organic matter. • Controls both larvae and pupae. • Superior larvicide compared to other organa-phosphorus insecticides.

Recommended Rates:- volume 100/ha Shallow water- 1ml/itre of water (50g a.i./ha) Deep water- 10 ml/litre of water (500g a.i./ha)

Price: P780.00 /100g

Abate larvicide controls malaria and other vector-borne diseases by controlling pests before they reach maturity, preventing them from breeding and spreading disease through new generations of insects.

Abate is a potent larvicide based on the active ingredient temephos that effectively manages a broad spectrum of nuisance and disease-causing insects, such as mosquitoes, before they hatch. While long-lasting insecticidal nets and indoor residual spraying focus on the individual and the household, Abate larvicide takes vector control to the community level.

Why use Abate?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to control mosquitoes and other insects throughout a community is to treat standing water with a larvicide, such as Abate from BASF. In particular local situations, larviciding may greatly enhance the effectiveness of other disease control methods. Abate is based on the active ingredient temephos and is the original and most trusted temephos larvicide. In fact, BASF’s own research and development brought this important active ingredient to market. The World Health Organization approvals for temephos are all based upon studies done with Abate.

4,600.00 liter


Price: P4,499 / liter

Termite Colony Management with “Domino” effect Termite Treatment

Why should I choose Agenda 10 SC?

Agenda 10 SC is a new class of termiticide that has faced the stiffest tests that researchers in Asia and around the world have been able to throw at it.

For you, this means you can now create a protective zone around your home that will not only kill termites, but will manage the termite colony and last for at least five years.

What makes Agenda 10 SC different?

Agenda 10 SC contains a new generation active ingredient called fipronil. This active ingredient is unique to Agenda 10 SC and brings a whole new mode of action against termites.

Agenda 10 SC has the unique ability to control termites, not only where it is applied, but also back at the nest itself through the “Domino Effect”.

Also, because it is so effective at ultra-low doses, it remains effective in the soil for at least five years after being applied. This ensures long-term protection of the structure against further termite attack.

The low dose at which it is applied minimizes any impact on the environment, and it will not affect earthworms, soil microorganisms, or plants living in the treated soil.

How Agenda 10 SC works?

Agenda 10 SC is diluted in water and then applied to the soil so that it completely surrounds the foundation of the structure.

When applied as such, Agenda 10 SC effectively forms a protective zone around the structure that will kill any termites that try to enter the building via the surrounding soil.

Agenda 10 SC typically takes a few days to kill termites, so following contamination the termites continue to interact with other members of the termite colony and in doing so pass on some of the active ingredient to many other termites.

In a way Agenda 10 SC works just like a virus, the contaminated termites show no initial symptoms yet pass on the active ingredient to others without them knowing it.

Once a few termites have become contaminated many other termites can catch it from them – this is what we call the “Domino Effect”.

The termites spread the active ingredient amongst themselves, thus managing to kill much of the whole termite colony – and eliminating the source!

As a treatment with Agenda 10 SC affects not just those encountering the treated soil, but also the source of the termites, the reliability of termite control is greatly enhanced.

And because Agenda 10 SC remains effective for at least five years, your termite womes are solved long-term.

Price: P3,800.00 / liter

Aqua K-Othrine EW is a space spray concentrate containing 2% deltamethrin, which will effectively flush mosquitoes out of their hiding places and kill through direct contact at extremely low dose (0.5-1.0g/ha of active ingredient). It is developed with Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology (FFAST). This technology allows the use of water as diluents without the drawbacks of evaporation. Aqua K-Othrine provides longer-lasting spray cloud that is more effective in reducing adult mosquito populations. It is as effective as oil diluted space spray concentrates but without the oil and the cost.
Benefits: » Minimize dengue transmission »Rapid knockdown of mosquitoes »Anti-evaporate formulation maintaining droplet size in effective spectrum »Evaluated and approved by WHOPES »Suitable for use in wide variety of situation

Price: P3,888/ liter

Cislin EC is oil-based with good “flushing” action and knockdown effect. It can be used in a wide variety of situations to provide a strong visual effect, as well as good residual control of a variety of insect pests. It is effective in on a variety of surfaces. Cislin EC contains a highly active light stable pyrethroid for effective kill and good residual effect. It is applied as a coarse spray directly onto surfaces, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Key Benefits: Flushing action to drive insects out of their harbourages giving a fast action and strong visual effect. A versatile insecticide which enables it to be used in a wide variety of situations. Easy to pour and mix, so it’s easy to use. Provides good residual activity reducing frequency of application. Controls most common insect pests so there’s no need to buy several different products.

Price: P4,400 / liter

Deltacide is an effective pyrethroid spray to control all public health pests problem combining rapid knockdown and kill. The product is suitable for the control of mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches. It can also be used in the presence of stored foodstuffs for the control of warehouse moths, weevils and beetles. Deltacide is equally efficient for use in both thermal fogging and ultra low volume spraying equipment.Deltacide contains Eshiol (S-hioallethrin) for quick knockdown and flushing action combined with deltamethin for efficient kill. Deltacide’s insect killing action is fiuther enhanced with the addition of piperonyl hutoxide.

Deltacide is particularly suitable for use in public areas such as markets, hotels, airports and private housing where water dilutions provide efficient insect control without damage to furnishings. Water dilutions also increase acceptability of the formulation for large scale, house to house fogging operations as are used to control vector of dengue haemorrhagic fever, malaria and filariasis.

Price: P3,500.00 / kilo

Demon WP comes in a 1 pound container with a scoop for easy measuring. Demon WP is a Cypermethrin-based wettable powder concentrate that is effective against many different insects, including roaches, ants and other crawling pests. It has virtually no odor and is very easy to use. It’s a fast killer with an excellent residual, and continues to kill for up to three months! A & E doesn’t recommend the use of Demon WP on the inside of your home or business, as it can and will leave a visible residue.

A & E recommends that you use Demon WP for American Roaches, and other insects that enter homes from the outside. On the outside, spray all mulch, under bushes, foundation, and other areas where insects will be found, also around doors, windows, and other entry points. It’s not unusual after you spray Demon WP to see quite a few dead roaches and other insects the next day.

Price: P3,200 / liter

Fendona is the first choice spray treatment for insect pests. It is a high performance residual insecticide with a broad spectrum of action against a large variety of insect pests. It is suitable for use in and around private households, public facilities such as hospitals, schools, restaurants or canteens and in the food and drink industry.

Immediate resultsFendona is economic in use, but at the same time possesses superior effectiveness. It delivers immediate results with insects showing the signs of sensitization within 5 minutes, full knockdown after 30 minutes and death within 24 hours. Long Lasting Effect.The advanced suspension concentrate formulation provides homogeneous distribution and the spray deposit can remain active for upto 12 weeks even on difficult porous surfaces.

Fendona 1.5SC is a fast-acting pyrethroid that used as a residual surface treatment to walls, floors and storage sacks in grain-storage warehouses

FENDONA SC is a good performance, residual insecticide which provides extended control of a wide range of public hygiene and food storage pests.

FENDONA SC is suitable for use in domestic and institutional premises, public buildings and in industry. It is a Class IV pesticide and can be used in public health.

FENDONA SC is an effective insecticide which acts quickly by contact action or ingestion.

FENDONA SC consists of small particles of crystalline active ingredient suspended in water.

The SC therefore combines the good performance of a SC formulation with the handling advantages of a liquid.


• Branded product from BASF. • Odourless, stainless and long residual. • Safe and environmental friendly. • Effective formulation for bed bugs.

Packing 1 litre per bottle in cartons of x12

Price: P2,800 / liter

It protects all types of wood, sawn timber, bamboo and leadrite-big-new-flat other indigenous material against molds and sapstain fungi that last for a minimum of 3 years. It is biodegradable and is safe to use.

It has a unique mode of killing growth inhibiting or fungistatic action. It stops the growth of the fungi, effectively preventing further infection and/or invasion of host tissues.

It is highly compatible to LEADS s Woodtec(EC or RTU) for a complete protection against insect and fungal attack.

Price: P2,400 /liter


» It is an insecticide concentrate for surface, space and larvicide sprays. » It quickly kills insects through contact or ingestion. » It offers long lasting protection for up to 1 month. » It is economical to use and has a long storage life. » It is biodegradable, low-odor and does not stain surfaces when used for residual spraying.

Price: P4,400.00 / liter

The Versatile Space Spray for Control of Adult Mosquitoes and Flies. Resigen EC is a versatile space spray that can be diluted with oil or water, although we recommend using Aqua Resigen when diluting with water. It can be applied using thermal fogging, misting, or ULV equipment. It contains a synergised synthetic pyrethroid to provide quick knockdown and effective kill of both mosquitoes and flies. The active ingredient has a minimal hazard profile so it is well suited for use in urban environments. Resigen can be used to rapidly bring down the population of adult mosquitoes, which is particularly important when there is a disease outbreak.

Key Benefits: • Easy to apply using a variety of equipment • Proven performance against adult mosquitoes and flies • Good for quick knockdown and kill of mosquitoes during disease outbreaks

Price: P3,800 / liter

Micro-encapsulated water-based concentrate Active ingredient : Fenitrothion 20% w/w

Special features : Contain the well known and tested organophosphate in the latest low odour, water-based, micro-encapsulated formulation. Suitable for effective long-term residual action against a wide range of crawling insects pests. The microencapsules hold the active on the sprayed surface where it is required.  

Price: P3,400 / liter

Sumithrin 10SEC is a unique formulation available to the environmental health professional sector for the first time. Sumithrin 10SEC is suitable for dilution in water and use as a ULV, thermal fog, mist and coarse surface spray against a wide range of pest in sensitive areas. The product is a pre-formed micro-emulsion with zero solvent content containing Sumithrinm, an active with sensitive area clearances.

Composition and Properties

The formulation should only be diluted in water and may be applied as a space spray against flying insect pests (e.g. mosquitoes, flies, moths and tobacco beetles), and in surface or direct sprays against crawling pests (e.g. fleas and ticks). Sumithrin 10SEC is non-flammable, odourless, and cleared for a number of sensitive application areas including warehouses for the control of tobacco beetle

Price: P2,800.00 / liter

OXYFLY contains a potent pyrethroid in a state-of-the-art capsule suspension formulation and is the ideal complement for product rotation within resistance management and integrated pest control programs. Oxyfly acts against a broad range of insects affecting farm premises, including red poultry mite. Micro-encapsulated formulation Tick Extended residual activity Tick Pyrethroid lambda-cyhalothrin Tick Fly Adulticide

OXYFLY APPLICATION:Dilute 50ml of Oxyfly in 5 litres of water. For fly control, apply as a low pressure spray in areas where flies congregate or settle. For other insects, apply spray as a crack and crevice treatment. OXYFLY FARM FLY INTEGRATION Oxyfly is part of the Novartis Animal Heath farm fly control programme. This comprises Neporex, Oxyfly & Spy. .

Price: P1,200.00 /liter

Wazary@ 10FL, a new water-based low mammalian hazard soil treatment termiticide, was evaluated as a soil repellent agent under controlled laboratory conditions against Coptotermes formosanus. Extremely low doses of fenvalerate in the specialised Wazary formulation (0.005% w/v) were found to produce 75% repellency.

Dosage Wazary 10FL Termiticide is a repellent / kill agent. The few termites that are persistent in their attack on the repellent barrier will pick up sufficient product to kill both themselves and those individuals that come in to contact with them. In order to obtain the residual activity expected of the new generation of such soil treatment termiticides, final dose levels of between 0.25 – 0.5% are now recommended following extensive in-situ field tests. Application Method Surface treatment Apply (spray) diluted WAZARY 10FL at the rate 3-6L/m2 with sprayer on ground. Soil Injection Make holes with electric drill in the concrete slab at intervals of 0.5-1.0m. Apply 3-6L of diluted WAZARY 10FL to each hole with a soil injector. Application Rates Wazarv 10FL – Dilution and Application Rates Post-construction Treatments Dilute Wazary 10FL with water at the rate of 1 part to 39 parts water (1 : 40). Apply the solution at the rate of 5 litres per linear metre to trenches dug to the base of the foundation of the building being treated, or via drill holes spaced at 30cm intervals in flooring slabs. Excavated soil should be treated and used as a backfill as well as the soil under and around porches. To avoid exposure of treated soil to direct sunlight, exposed areas may be covered with a thin layer of untreated soil. Pre-construction Treatments Dilute Wazary 10FL with water at the rate of 1 part to 39 parts water (1 : 40). For overall treatment of floor slabs porch floors and entrance platforms, apply solution at the rate of 4 litres per square metre or 7 litres per square metre if fill is washed gravel or other coarse material. On hollow block foundations, or voids of masonry, apply solution at the rate of 7 litres per three linear meters. In crawl spaces, apply the solution at the rate of 5 litres per linear meter per 30cm of depth from grade to bottom of foundation. Apply the solution on both sides of the foundation with special attention around pipes and piers. Remedial and Spot Treatments If there is evidence of termite re-infestation after the initial treatment resulting from disruption of the chemical barrier that can arise due to human activity such as excavation, construction and landscaping, or simply following an incomplete initial treatment, re-treat in accordance with the application techniques described within the Post-construction section. Characteristics: • Long residual efficacy • Strong repellent efficacy • Easy to store and handle • Less irritation and smell • Low mammalian toxicity • Safe to the environmen

Price: P40,000 / 25 kilos

Cyromzine (CAS No. 66215-27-8) is a insect growth regulator with contact action, which interfers with moulting and pupation. When used on plants, action is systemic: applied to the leaves, itexhibits a strong translaminar effect; applied to the soil, it is taken up by the roots and translocated acropetally. Usage: Cryomazine is used for controlling Diptera larvae in chicken manure by feeding to the poultry or treating the breeding sites. Alose used to control flies or animal. Used as a foliar spray to control leaf miners (Liriomyza spp.) in vegetables (e.g. celery, melons, tomatoes,lettuce), mushrooms, potatoes and ornamental, at 75-225 g/ha; also used at 190-450 g/ha in drench or drip irrigation.

Price: P45,000 / 25 kilos

Common name: Dimilin 98% technical material powder Insecticide Diflubenzuron
CAS No.: 35367-38-5
Chemical name N-[{(4-chlorophenyl) amino}carbonyl]-2,6-difluorobenzamide
Solubility DMSO 12 g/100 g; acetone 0.615 g/100 g; methanol 0.09 g/100 g
Melting Point 230-232 degrees C
Vapor Pressure 9 x 10 to the minus 10 power mm Hg
INTRODUCTION 1. Diflubenzuron is a benzamide insecticide used on forest and field crops to selectively control insects and parasites. 2. Principle target insect species are the gypsy moth, forest tent caterpiller, several evergreen eating moths and the boll weevil.
Mode of action 1. Diflubenzuron is a stomach and contact poison which acts by inhibiting the production of chitin (a compound that makes the outer covering of the insect hard) and so interferes with the formation of the insect’s cuticle or shell. 2. It is also used as a larvae control chemical in mushroom operations and animal houses. 3. It disrupts insects molting process but is slow working: to control shore flies fungus gnats as a coarse spray or drench. Armyworms, lepidopterous leafminers, whitefly suppression (combination or rotation). 4. Exceeding label rates, volumes, number of applications can cause serious foliar injury to poinsettias, hibiscus, Regier begonia.
Target Pest: Ornamentals to control shore flies fungus gnats as a coarse spray or drench; Armyworms, lepidopterist leaf miners, whitefly suppression (combination or rotation),
Targest Crops Fruits, Citrus, field crops, cotton, soybean, mushroom and horticulture, etc.
Dosage and Use The recommended rate of application is 1.5-30 g AI/100 liter of water effective against leaf-feeding larvae and leaf miners in forestry, top fruit, citrus, field crops including cotton and soyabeans, horticular crops. It is also effective against the larvae of sciaridae and phoridae in mushrooms By foliar spraying: 300—450g/Ha for Diflubenzuron 20% SC.

Price: P50,500 / 25 kilos


1.  Basic Information of Triflumuron TC
Product Name Triflumuron Insecticide
CAS No. 64628-44-0
Chemical Name 1-(2-chlorobenzoyl)-3-(4-trifluoromethoxyphenyl)urea
Molecular Weight 358.70g/mol
Tech & Formulation 98%TC,48%SC, 40%SC
Appearance for TC Colorless, odorless powder.
Physical and chemical properties Density: 1.475g/cm³ Melting Point: 195°C Solubility: In water 0.025 mg/l (20°C). In dichloromethane 20-50, isopropanol 1-2, toluene 2-5, hexane <0.1 g/l (20°C).
Toxicity Low toxicity, be safe to natural enemies.
2.  Specifications for Triflumuron 98%TC
Items Standards
Appearance white powder
A.I. content , % 98.5min
Heavy metal, ppm 20max
Moisture, % 0.5max
pH 6~8
3.  Applications
Mode of Action Benzoylurea insect growth regulator to inhibit the chitin synthesis by stomach, contact and ovicidal action. The larvae will molt and no cuticle will be generated. The insect will die for malformation. High effect and long residual life of 30 days.
Crops Corn, cotton, forest, fruit, soybean, etc
Control Coleoptera, Diptera and Lepidoptera pests
4.  Usage
Dosage e.g. Triflumuron 40%SC, control of cabbage moth on cabbage: 86.4~108g/ha Specific dosage depends on different fields and crops.
Application method Spray
5.  First Aid Measures
General advice: Consult a physician.
If inhaled. If breathed in, move person into fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration
In case of skin contact, wash off with soap and plenty of water
In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water for at least 15 min.
If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Rinse

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