PEST Philippines Professional About Termites Control Services

Often times, termites will live in the moist soil found around the outside of our home, they spend most of their time searching for moist or water damaged wood to feed on. There are many places you can find termites on your property but some of the most common areas are places that are decorated with mulch or are near stacks of wood or yard debris. Even though it seems like it sometimes, termites are not seeking out our homes to feed on. Termites actually enter our homes inadvertently, they see no difference between the wood they find on the ground in nature and the boards used to build the structure of your home. Once they find a way into your home they will start creating massive colonies, this spells trouble for homeowners as their activity will often go unnoticed for large periods of time.

Calling After Discovering A Termite Problem Is Too Late

Since termites are tunneling and feeding inside the wood of your home, you may never see them, which makes them very difficult to detect. A multitude of colonies could feast away at your home for months or years before you realize they are there, and by then you have a serious problem. Your walls are buckling, your ceilings are sagging, and your floors are warping, not to mention the structure of your home could be seriously compromised. This damage can be very costly, and most home insurances will not cover the costs.

When To Call A Professional

There are many DIY measures that are rumored to help you avoid a termite infestation. However, these methods are time-consuming, messy, dangerous, and fall short of getting rid of every single termite in every single colony and satellite colony that they have created. So, when should I call a professional about termites? Long before you experience any termites or termite damage is preferable. However, whether you have a current infestation, want to know if you have an infestation, or you just want to prevent them, you should call on PEST Philippines That way all of the termites are eliminated and they won’t bother you again. Through the use of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, we will put an end to termites and prevent them altogether.

In the meantime, watch for flying termite swarms, sawdust and feces piles underneath wooden items, clicking sounds in your walls, tiny holes in your drywall, hollow sounding wood, and mud tunnels in and around your basement and foundation. Of course, prevention is a better way to avoid termite damage, but if you see any of these signs in and around your home, you should contact us right away to put an end to termite activity in your home.